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Liv Slingerland

Liv Slingerland - An Entire Lifetime

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Guitarist/singer-songwriter Liv Slingerland (guitar for Halsey, Olivia Rodrigo, Lauren Ruth Ward, Donna Missal) makes her Righteous Babe debut from her forthcoming LP sharing the single "An Entire Lifetime," a bombastic, riff-heavy indie rock number that sees Slingerland explore a personal reckoning with identity, a feeling overwhelmingly brought on by learning in her early twenties that she was adopted as a newborn. 

Produced by Liv, Wolfy, and Math Bishop, the song interpolates Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies,” a track Slingerland listened to on repeat during childhood. “The chorus made its way into my head while I was writing one day and it felt so natural to turn it into something more. The process of finishing this song helped me find a way to work through the surprise and upset that I was experiencing at that time by coupling those feelings with a memory of a sound that was so reminiscent of growing up.” The video for “An Entire Lifetime” centers around Kill Bill-esque shots of a cat and mouse chase between a driver and motorcyclist. The driver begins to pursue the motorcyclist, each only catching several slight glimpses of the other before finally coming face to face, when it is then revealed that both characters are the same person.