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Jocelyn Mackenzie

Jocelyn Mackenzie - Never Stop Believing in Santa Claus

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An instant Christmas classic, Never Stop Believing in Santa Claus is playful, nostalgic, energetic, and feel good. An original yet familiar track brought to life by Mackenzie’s (formerly of the band “Pearl and the Beard”) bright and shiny vocals.

About Never Stop Believing in Santa Claus:

"Stan Satlin and I met through his wonderful partner, artist, model, and sustainable fashionista Debra Rapoport. I had seen Debra and Stan in the "Advanced Style" documentary years ago and was so inspired by their creativity and abundant lifestyle. Encouraged by the flim and my then boyfriend Marty Allen of Uncle Monsterface, I signed up for a paper towel hat-making workshop Debra was hosting, and we hit it off immediately! Not long afterward, she invited us to her home for a party, where we met Stan and got to talking about music. He's been a prolific, ambitious, and well-renowned songwriter for his entire career, and when he shared with us his phone recording of "Never Stop Believing," we couldn't get it out of our heads! We were thrilled when he asked us to collaborate on bringing it to life. We naturally brought in fellow Uncle Monsterface's Dan Brennan, who also recorded all the vocals on PUSH, to engineer and play instruments, and between the three of us arranged Stan's seedling demo into the new Christmas classic you hear now. I love the message and hopeful nature of this song, and Stan, Marty, Dan, and I hope it brings you joy. We believe in you!"