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Jocelyn Mackenzie

Jocelyn Mackenzie - Blouse (single)

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"Blouse" is an anthem of comfort in self pleasure. Its verses find us escaping into fantasy, while its choruses quickly realize that sometimes the idea of someone else will never be as good as the reality of being right here, right now, indulging in the pleasure of our own body.

Earlier last year, I recorded a cover of Cyndi Lauper's "She Bop" – the classic self-pleasure ballad – with my friend Miwa Gemini. Miwa and I were struck by Cyndi's lyric "I hope He will understand." She boldly chooses to please herself regardless of what God Himself thinks – she does not ask for forgiveness or permission. That feeling empowered me deeply, and this song was my solo pandemic evening answer to that primal call. After all, "It's alright."

"Blouse" was recorded at Figure 8 Studio in Brooklyn, NY with Michael Coleman, Harry Bolles, and Alison Shearer on sax. The music video was conceived and directed by Paul McGill and produced by Jody Drezner Alperin.