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Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco Harrisburg January 23, 2008

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Back in the winter of 2008 Ani DiFranco took the stage at the Forum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with Todd Sickafoose on bass, Allison Miller on drums, and Mike Dillon on vibes / percussion. Despite having strawberries in her teeth and a broken nail, Ani had a folking good time and added it to the list of Official Bootleg recordings. Featuring the first time for “A Spade” and the poem “Reprieve” in the live series, plus beautiful renditions of “Studying Stones,” “You Had Time,” and “Overlap”. Throw in a few anecdotes about Petah (just a baby at the time), vocal chords, ‘Happy Birthday’ shout outs, organized religion (can I get an “Amen”) and you have two discs of pure acoustic joy.

78% H2O
lag time
studying stones
coming up
sunday morning
you had time
the atom
a spade
smiling underneath
names and dates and times
landing gear
in the way

cover painting by Michael Mararian: "Nephophobia:  Fear of Clouds"


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