Living in Clip (25th Anniversary Edition) — available on vinyl for the first time

Created: 04/21/22

“I know I can't be the only / whatever I am in the room" — Those were just some of the words that landed so dearly for so many of us. From an album that went viral in our community before going viral was a thing. Or did this album go viral and create our community? Either way, this music and these words were far too important not to share! And still are! As we're looking back on this album's 25th anniversary we are flooded with memories of leopard print guitar cases, an avalanche of wildly eclectic hair-dos, and a feeling of inclusion that was a welcome change for so many of us.

In that spirit and in celebration of this 25th anniversary, we are excited to announce Living in Clip 25th Anniversary Edition, a 2022 remaster available on CD, digital download, and for the first time, on 180g heavyweight red smoke triple vinyl with never-before-seen photos of Ani and crew inside the gatefold. Pre-order now for its July 29 release date.

Hear the 2022 remaster of "Napoleon (Northampton, Mass.)" out today wherever you get your music.