You might think it would be totally tubular to see three Ani shows in a month. Well, we’ve got a proposition that’s even tubular-er – when you buy tickets to three Ani gigs on the July 7-16 leg of her summer tour through Righteous Babe Records, we’ll hook you up with a free pass to Ani’s July 8 “Geo Sessions” in Washington, DC (a limited number of passes are available - first come, first served).

The intimate show will air on Nat Geo Music, National Geographic’s 24-hour music channel, which is devoted to exploring all forms of music and examining the different cultures that inspire them.

On top of this once-in-a-lifetime event, you’ll also receive a free tour t-shirt and a commemorative laminate (that’s right, a laminated piece of paper, just for you).

“This seems too good to be true!” you might exclaim. Well, there is one downside. The National Geographic folks require that you wear shoes in their studio – clearly a result of Big Shoe’s stranglehold on the mainstream media.

For details on this limited time offer, move your concert-going arse [here].

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